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“Dave Gunning is the next big thing in the True North of Song, an artist as compelling, as assured and attentive to every nuance of the writing process as Lightfoot, Cockburn and Stan Rogers before him.”  — Greg Quill, The Toronto Star 

There are stories that wash over you like a tide, and then there are stories that grab you by the heart.  Dave Gunning has made a point of finding the latter and wrapping them up in song since he broke upon the East Coast music scene in Canada back in 1997.  The Pictou County, Nova Scotia born and bred singer-songwriter and working class hero has built up from humble beginnings to a point where his name is regularly included in conversation with artists such as David Francey, James Keelaghan, Ron Hynes, Stan Rogers, Bruce Cockburn and Gordon Lightfoot.  Writing from a sonic menu that includes flavors of Irish, Scottish,  folk and country musical styles, Dave transcends genre with songs that fill your senses and touch your soul.

Dave’s 10th album No More Pennies is inarguably his finest collection of songs to date. The record celebrates the journey and pays tribute to the trials and tribulations, the highs and lows and the goodness at the heart of people. On No More Pennies, Dave has proven to be a deft arranger and a songwriting master craftsman with co-written gems with George Canyon, Jim Dorie, David Francey (duet), Lennie Gallant, Bruce Guthro, Karine Polwart (duet) and record producer, Jamie Robinson. The lead signature track, These Hands co-written with George Canyon is a ‘call to action’ style song reminiscent of classic Pete Seeger to inspire us to make good in this world. Dave and his song, These Hands were awarded Song of the Year at the 2013 East Coast Music Awards and picked up nominations for Folk Recording and Fans Choice Entertainer of the Year.

Dave has ten critically acclaimed CD’s to his credit. His previous release, “… a tribute to John Allan Cameron” was honored with a prestigious 2012 Juno Award nomination and was the winner of two 2011 Canadian Folk Music Awards and two ECMA Awards. He was the winner of the Indie International Song Contest (for his song, “Hard Workin’ Hands, co-written with Ron Hynes) and a finalist in the Great American Song Contest, the USA Songwriting Competition, the John Lennon Songwriting Contest and the International Songwriting Contest.  All of the hardware and certificates aside, however, it is the personal connection that Gunning’s music engenders that is the greatest testament to his craft.

Dave’s holiday album, “Christmas Too” (released November 2011) follows on the heels of his 2006 seasonal release, fittingly titled, “Dave Gunning Christmas” which produced the holiday hit, ‘Daddy’s Beer’ (co-written with Jamie Robinson). “Christmas Too” features a festive celebration of original and classic holiday favourites that will engage listeners in a musical tribute to Christmas past and present and wrap them in a warm blanket of rich acoustic sound.

A seasoned performer and entertainer, Dave has toured extensively both solo and with his band, performing to sold-out venues, festivals, house concerts and theatres throughout Canada, the U.S., the U.K. , Ireland, Denmark and recently in Afghanistan, entertaining the troops. Engaging and charismatic, Dave’s magnetic gift of captivating audiences by creating a bond through down-to-earth details, homespun humour and seasoned musicianship will be in full display as he continues to tour in support of the latest chapter of a career heading for international recognition.

Awards & Nominations
2013 Winner ECMA Song of the Year (These Hands)
ECMA Folk Recording of the Year Nomination (No More Pennies)
ECMA Fans Choice Entertainer of the Year Nomination
Music Nova Scotia Folk Recording of the Year Nomination (No More Pennies)
Semi – Finalist International Songwriting Competition (These Hands)
2012 Juno Award Roots & Traditional Solo Album of the Year Nomination (a tribute to John Allan Cameron)
ECMA Nomination Entertainer of the Year
2011 Winner Canadian Folk Music Award Traditional Singer of the Year (a tribute to John Allan Cameron)
Winner Canadian Folk Music Award Best New Emerging Artist of the Year
Winner ECMA Award Roots Traditional Solo Recording of the Year
Winner ECMA Award Producer of the Year (a tribute to John Allan Cameron)
Winner Music Nova Scotia Roots Traditional Recording of the Year
ECMA Folk Recording of the Year Nomination (We’re All Leaving)
ECMA Fans Choice Entertainer of the Year Nomination
ECMA Male Solo Recording of the Year Nomination (a tribute to John Allan Cameron)
Music Nova Scotia Male Artist Recording of the Year, Music Nova Scotia Producer of the Year, Music Nova Scotia Recording Studio of the Year Nomination (Wee House of Music)
2010 Finalist Great American Song Contest (Before The Morning Sun)
ECMA Songwriter of the Year Nomination (Made On A Monday)
ECMA Male Solo Recording of the Year and FACTOR Recording of the Year Nomination (We’re All Leaving)
Music Nova Scotia Folk Recording of the Year, Male Artist of the Year, Entertainer of the Year Nomination and SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Nomination (We’re All Leaving)
2009 Semi-Finalist International Songwriting Competition (Before The Morning Sun)
ECMA Entertainer of the Year Nomination
2008 First Place Winner Folk Category Indie International Songwriting Contest (Hard Workin’ Hands)
Finalist USA Songwriting Competition (Hard Workin’ Hands)
Finalist International Songwriting Competition (Cowboy’s Dream)
Finalist John Lennon Songwriting Contest (Hard Workin’ Hands)
Winner ECMA Award Male Solo Recording of the Year (House For Sale)
Winner ECMA Award Folk Recording of the Year (House For Sale)
Winner Music Nova Scotia Award Studio Engineer of the Year
Music Nova Scotia Entertainer of the Year Nomination
Music Nova Scotia Folk Recording of the Year Nomination (House For Sale)
2006 ECMA Nomination Male Artist of the Year
ECMA Nomination Album of the Year (Two-Bit World)
The Irish Music Magazine Readers Poll Song of the Year (New Highway)
2005 ECMA Award Folk Recording of the Year (Two-Bit World)
ECMA Nomination Male Artist of the Year
First Place Winner Folk Category International Acoustic Music Awards(Prince of Pictou)
Music Nova Scotia Award Folk Recording of the Year (Two-Bit World)
Honourable mention USA Songwriting Competition (Prince of Pictou)
2003 Music Nova Scotia Award Musician of the Year
2002 Music Nova Scotia Award Producer of the Year (Live)
Music Nova Scotia Award Engineer of the Year (Live)
Music Nova Scotia Award Studio of the Year (Riverfront Studio)
2001 ECMA Nomination Roots/ Traditional Solo Recording of the Year (Caught Between Shadows)
1998 ECMA Nomination Roots/ Traditional Vocal (Lost Tracks)

No More Pennies

Dave Gunning’s at it again. Defining our lives, baring our souls, telling what it’s like on the East Coast these days, or for people from the East Coast. From retired railway men to hard-core hockey fans to those who’ve had to pack up and go to Alberta, Gunning’s speaking for them, telling their tales.

They’re rich in detail too. The old coal man in Coal From The Train is a rough sort of course, and don’t cross him when he’s drinking, but the song is really about helping out in a poor community. He knows poverty, has seen every inch of it passing by on the train his whole life, and is the first to dig deep when it comes to giving. It seems he always tossed coal from the pile when the train passed by the poor shacks on the line. Juno-winner David Francey, who has been spending a lot of time in the East the last year or so, co-writes and duets on A Game Goin’ On, the hockey number. For those who think the national game exists on Sports Desk and in hockey pools and sitting in $150 seats, the pair take us down to the pond in small town Canada, where the goal is a pair of frozen boots, and everybody brings a shovel to clear the ice. If the players stay locked out all year, its this type of thinking that will save the sport.

Today I think of all I know who have moved to Alberta or points west. We miss them, they miss us, and the ones I know still describe themselves as Maritimers or Newfoundlanders, even those whoe left three or four decades ago. Gunning’s Living In Alberta explains the dilemma; working in the oil sands isn’t like walking through the ocean sand. There’s money and new friends out west, but there’s the feeling he doesn’t belong: “I’m living in Alberta, dying to get back home.”

You wanna know what it’s like to be from the Maritimes? Buy a Dave Gunning album.

CBC – East Coast Living – Bob Mersereau

The well publicised rhubarb with the Royal Canadian Mint should not overshadow the value of this quite perfect album. Gunning writes like a dream, grabbing the listener with a foolscap of lines that are as tight as the planks on a fisherman`s dory and as colourful as a Newfoundland outport. True, he has co-written a number of the songs with a literary club that includes George Canyon, David Francey, Bruce Guthro and Lennie Gallant, but make no mistake it`s Gunning`s album all the way. A gentle reflectiveness pervades throughout …Pennies with the Maritimer spinning stories that are delivered with a voice dripping melancholy, remorse, ardor and empathy. “With These Hands“, a soft-spoken message of hope in a world gone mad, has been launched with a video, but if one is to pick one song from this album it has to be `The Weight of My Guitar. If this doesn`t pluck your interest, “That`s When We Fell“ will.

… a tribute to John Allan Cameron

“John Allan was Dave’s first major influence and not only was John Allan’s hero, he was his friend. It is now quite fitting that Dave put together many of John Allan’s songs on his own CD in tribute to his hero. The CD contains17 tracks, all done by Dave to perfection. He tried to keep close to John Allan’s music as much as possible, although no one can come close to John Allan’s distinctive voice, says Dave. Atlantic Seabreeze cannot say enough of favourable comments regarding this fine CD, and gives high ratings for the CD on its rating list”.

Atlantic Seabreeze *****

“Move ahead to present day. John Allan has passed on (always remembered and always missed), and the student takes the opportunity to create a tribute to his hero. It’s a CD of some of John Allan’s best know work, lovingly recorded by Dave and his friends, many of whom were also friends with John Allan.

Sound The Pibroch, Freeborn Man, The Four Marys, Butterfingers Medley and so on, most carefully recreated but some with newer arrangements, and a few others that may not seem connected until you dig deeper. Dave does the vocals, backed up by friends of John Allan’s like Allie Bennett, JP Cormier, Pee Wee Charles and John Allan’s son Stuart, along with a host of other guests along to pay tribute in their own way. Dave Gunning’s A Tribute to John Allan Cameron, is a complete package. If you’re either a fan of John Allan’s or a fan of Dave’s, this CD should be in your collection”.

The Cape Breton Post

We’re All Leaving

“Truly, Dave Gunning’s great track record remains unbroken and unsullied with this recording. It’s a great collection from a musician who continues to grow and thrive”.

Penguin Eggs

“Dave Gunning delivers a winner….We’re All Leaving is a memorable almost thematic collection of songs, one that will undoubtedly see Gunning reap further Canadian folk music awards”.

UK Country Music People ****

“It is that sense of intimacy through his writing, and his performances that makes Gunning an absolutely intriguing performer to watch and listen to”.

The Newfoundland Herald

“The Galaxie Folk/ Roots Channel’s most-played, high rotation album releases for December 2009- January 2010″.

Galaxie, The Continuous Music Network

“There was something about those original songs that led me to believe this somewhat shy, unassuming young man with the easy-rolling baritone voice had some very real talent. There was an honesty and a beautiful simplicity to those early songs. Inspired by people and places in his life that had special meaning to him, they were heartfelt and moving. It’s encouraging, all these years later, to see those qualities that first impressed me and many others are still present in Gunning’s latest work, We’re All Leaving.

The Guardian ****

“Dave Gunning is from Nova Scotia in Canada which has excellent European and wordly folk traditions at the heart of its fine music scene. Gunning also adds some American heartland songwriting style in music.

The music is smooth, smart and inviting. Just when I am uncertain of whether it reminds me too much of what I have heard before, he tosses in a guitar line or melodic twist in the vocals to push his song to a higher level. He has a very enjoyable voice and the band is solid throughout. I liked that he put a storytelling song like “Before The Morning Sun” in between more general songs. Everything is balanced nicely, both within the songs and within the album as a whole. Folk –rock fans should give this one a listen”.

“It’s a star-studded affair, but at the centre of it all is Gunning with his sparse folk sound and crystal clear lyrics that have made him a popular name along the east coast and into the U.S. and Europe over the last few years”.

“Dave Gunning is a rising star in Canadian acoustic music. He’s the full package”.

“This incredible album contains 11 songs, all of which he wrote with several co-writers. His ability to tell a story in his songs has resulted in six Music Nova Scotia awards and three East Coast Music Awards in the past, and now with this new CD, there will be no exceptions. A number of Canada’s finest composers helped Dave to write all the songs and include; Jamie Robinson, John Meir, James Keelaghan, David Francey, Rose Cousins and Karine Polwart”.

Atlantic Seabreeze *****

“Continuing in the grand footsteps of other east coast singer-songwriters such as Bruce Guthro, Gordie Sampson and Lennie Gallant, Nova Scotian Dave Gunning scores a winner with his seventh record, We’re All Leaving. Resting comfortably somewhere in the territory between folk, country and roots music, fans of Atlantic Canadian music won’t be long picking up on Gunning’s masterful song writing on tracks like The Color Of Gone, Made On A Monday, There’s A Song In There and We’re All Leaving”.


“One of the songs closest to Gunning’s heart is Big Shoes, a tribute to legendary performers John Allen Cameron and Stan Rogers…:.

Chronicle Herald

“Dave is one of Canada’s finest songwriter’s: the way his eye sees things upon the land, the way his ear hears the voices of his people, his respect for those who have gone before, and his love of life in the land he loves, is beautifully portrayed in gentle verse and rhyme. He is not a man you meet everyday, he cares, and it shows in his music, both poetic and pointed”.

CFCY, the Eric MacEwen Show

House For Sale

“He’s become one of my favourite new writers”

Ron Hynes, Newfoundland Songwriter & Recording Artist

“… one of the rising stars in Canadian roots music”.

“Gunning’s musicality shone in the same way right from the first to the end of the show — always innovative guitar chording to accompany a voice that stood out like a finely-tuned old piano, perfect in pitch, delicate and weathered when called for, but strong and pure, refined in its years of melody flowing through it”.

The Guardian

“While Nova Scotia based singer/songwriter Dave Gunning has been picking up great press in Canada for his consistently excellent writing and performing, this new album ‘House for Sale’ looks like it will bring him much wider recognition – it’s full of well crafted songs and has an effortless folk/country feel that will engage listeners the world over.

Like many Canadian singer/songwriters, his work is a mixture of various North American styles, the intelligent lyrics and stories of the East Coast, mix with memorable melodies and there’s a subtle Country twang evident in places, it’s a strong mix that makes the album immediately accessible without sounding derivative.

Most of the 11 songs are based around Gunning’s acoustic guitar, and there’s a tight and compact band that provide the backing which includes bass, percussion, mandolin, dobro and Hammond. Where the disc excels is in the quality of the writing – he paints pictures both with his lyrics and the arrangements, the title track is full of strong imagery that really adds to the feel of the song, ‘Hard Workin’ Hands’ has a genuine gritty and proud feel that shines through, and ‘These Roads’ is a classic singer/songwriter ‘road song’ that explores the writers’ relationship with constant traveling.

‘House for Sale’ is a really strong contemporary singer/songwriter album full of well crafted songs and instant melodies, and is an album that with the right breaks, and word of mouth will gain much wider recognition. Highly recommended”.

Fish Records, UK

“The album’s lead single, Cowboy’s Dream (co-written by Dave Gunning with George Canyon) is simply an outstanding piece of songwriting. The song addresses the laments of a rodeo rider… and is reminiscent of Ian Tyson’s Someday Soon classic. Gunning’s delivery of the song is quite powerful, and country radio has given it some solid airplay”.

Country Music News

“This is a lovely CD, relaxed and laid-back, mostly folk in styling but sometimes with strong country overtones and the occasional touch of Celtic. There is enough up-tempo material to break it up nicely, particularly the spirited Colleen Malone”.

Cape Breton Post

“Gunning took the classic storyteller route, singing songs from his fifth album, House for Sale, that were freighted with the folklore of his native Nova Scotia. A gifted guitarist and a witty raconteur, he prompted much merriment as he spun the story of a young boy’s Christmas Day, blighted by the mysterious fact that Santa had drunk all his dad’s beer”.

The Times, UK.

“House For Sale, continues to impress with its honesty and his gently enthralling no-nonsense tales of local legends and historical events as well as his directly-expressed relationship songs”.

Net Rhythms, UK


Dave Gunning

No More Pennies (September 2012)
Christmas Too (2011)
a tribute to John Allan Cameron (2010)
We’re All Leaving (2009)
House For Sale (2007)
Dave Gunning Christmas (2006)
Two-bit World (2004)
Dave Gunning Live (2002)
Caught Between Shadows (2000)
Lost Tracks (1996)

Candles & Evergreens (2008) recorded with George Canyon

Compilations: Atlantic Standards 2 CD (2006) featuring “Here She Comes A Running (from Caught Between Shadows)released by Warner Music Canada
Borrowed Tunes 2: A Canadian Tribute to Neil Young featuring ” A Dream That Can Last” released by Universal Music Canada

Television: TV show “Trailer Park Boys” playing the role of the forest ranger (summer 2007) broadcast on the Showcase Network

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